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Choral Ensemble

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Vivace Choral Ensemble is a Regina-based choir that was established in 2007.  The choir, conducted by John Nelson and accompanied by Christa Walsh, practices once a week and performs twice a year, with a Christmas concert in December and a spring concert usually in May.


The choir is full of singers who love to sing a variety of sacred and secular music, including Broadway, classical, contemporary, gospel, jazz and spirituals.  


Vivace provides more than just an opportunity to get together and sing; it also offers an occasion to get to know other people, with times to visit and socialize with other singers.  And like many groups, some of our socializing happens around food, as we share potluck socials after practice two or three times each term.  


Vivace is a group that reflects its true meaning: "full of life"!


Vivace rehearses on Monday evenings at 7:30pm at First Baptist Church, Regina SK.

Important Dates


First Rehearsal (Winter 2023)

First Baptist Church



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